The Next Level prevention of wrinkles!


The Next Level prevention of wrinkles!

BoT4home® are neurotoxins that block muscle contractions. BoT4home® injections are used as facial wrinkle treatments and considered nonsurgical forms of wrinkle treatment that have quick recovery rates. While used to treat muscle spasms in certain health conditions, these injections are primarily known for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles. 
Everyone will notice, but no one will know


Wrinkle block muscle contractions are option for anyone seeking quick results and a natural appearance.
These injections for home use can help reverse moderate to severe frown lines, lines between the eyebrows, and crows feet. 
Bot4Home® treatments temporarily reduce the muscle’s ability to contract, leaving you with smoother, tighter and wrinkle-free skin.
Syringe and manual ready for home use by yourself or your friend. Worldwide shipping to all countries and continents.
BoT4home® for home use for block muscle contractions:

  • forhead lines, 
  • eyebrow lift, 
  • frown  lines
  • glabellar lines, 
  • crows feet, 
  • dimpled chin and smile lift.